Detecting and Defeating

Fakes and Deepfakes

Advances in artificial intelligence are enabling anybody to create convincing fake images, video and audio. 
Can we still believe in what we see and what we hear?


We Are On A Mission To Defeat Deepfake

Manipulated images, audios and videos have been around for a long time and it has always been difficult to spot them. Now, with the progress in artificial intelligence, the ability for anyone to generate synthetic media virtually impossible to detect is becoming one of the greatest threat to society.

To detect and defeat

Our Solution

In the digital era when anybody can create and publish media that can go viral and impact the entire world, it’s crucial to be able to determine the reliability of the publishers. We create a SaaS platform that does just that. Through our ZeroFake web and mobile application, a user can upload an image, an audio or video file to determine if it’s a fake.

Step 1

Authenticate the Source

First, our backend application executes a deep online search to locate the origin of the media file. Then it analyzes the reliability of the original publisher.

Step 2

Authenticate the Content

In a second phase, it uses our R-GAN (reverse GAN) technology to dissect the content of the file, look for inconsistencies and AI-generated patterns.

How it works

Our Technology


Unfakeable Online Identity

Using steganography and cryptography, we help individuals and organizations establish an online identity that can be easily verified.


Real-time Monitoring

Our real-time monitoring tool scrapes the internet 24/7/365 to detect and report unauthorized usages of our customers’ identity.


Reverse GAN

Our proprietary algorithm R-GAN (reverse GAN) analyzes the content to find “computerized patterns” that help determine the realness of any type of media.


Deepfake Database

We create a searchable and accessible online database where AI-generated media and their creators are constantly reported.